Trebles And Blues – „The Blue Note“ [Beattape//EP – Free Download]

Das nenne ich mal einen Service: gerade erst das Beatmaking-Video des kalifornischen Producers Trebles And Blues gepostet, schon bekomme ich eine Mail mit dem Hinweis auf seine neue EP, die gerade heute rausgekommen und kostenlos downloadable ist:

„The Blue Note is my debut instrumental EP that was released this morning through The Soul Dojo. It consists of 11 tracks that are designed to take the listener through a variety of different emotions and locations, from enjoying an intimate setting in a small, hole-in-the-wall jazz club in NYC to embarking on a soothing evening stroll in the beautiful country of Japan.“

Höre das Teil gerade zum zweiten Mal durch, genau mein Ding – abgenickt! Überzeugt Euch:

[via Mail und TSD]


6 Antworten zu “Trebles And Blues – „The Blue Note“ [Beattape//EP – Free Download]”

  1. belltownpro sagt:


  2. MC Winkel sagt:

    @belltownpro: Fjeden! Hier landet nur der Emser-certified Shiat, weisste doch! :)

  3. Madeline sagt:

    let me know if you are in duisburg..

  4. Alex sagt:

    Seht entspannt. Jetzt fehlt noch das gute Wetter.

  5. MC Winkel sagt:

    @Madeline: Werde ich! :)
    @Alex: Absolut. Ich erwähnte, dass ich am 10.03. nach Teneriffa fliege? :)

  6. MC Winkel sagt:

    Sou muddat sien – bekomme gerade ne Mail von dem Producer:

    „MC Winkel,

    I just wanted to send this brief e-mail out thanking you for your support of The Blue Note. It was been exactly 2 weeks since The Blue Note was released, and the response it has received has far exceeded my expectations. Obviously, this would not have been the case if it weren’t for great blogs such as yours to take the time out to read my e-mails, actually listen to the music, and post the work on the site for your loyal readers to discover and enjoy.

    To say I’m grateful for your support is a huge understatement. With this being my debut work, I didn’t quite expect to see the response that the project got, but man, I am truly humbled by it. If you guys ever have anything you may need from my end, whether it is a contribution for a specific project, listening to something, anything haha, please feel free to let me know at any time. Thanks again, as both an artist and simply a fan of your team’s work.“

    Ist doch perfekt, oder?
    Musikindustrie – wofür genau wird man Dich bald noch brauchen?

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