Talib Kweli x Curren$y x Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Alley Boy x Pusha T, Guilty Simpson, Mac Miller x Pharrell


Like kindergarteners // My vision’s bothered by vigilantes that harbor on street corners // Try your hardest to harvest bundles of weed on ya // The starving’ll speed on ya, stampede on ya // Impede on your pockets then pee on ya // Dreams of us living lavish in fabrics of fine linens // Spending, established, with women dining and laughing // But this environment got us violent, ready to crash in- // To society, take this driver seat, hope you fastened // Your seatbelts twice, when I rolled them dice, I crapped // So many times I can build casinos from scratch // Too many daps you might receive from the things you achieve, relax // That’s what my mental say, but my physical’s been detached, I’m on some other shit … Kendrick Lamar 2012, achso und paar andere Songs gabs heute auch noch. Enjoy ;)




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