Sunni Colón dropt „Satin Psicodelic“ EP

Über die Single „Baby I Don’t Mind“ bin ich neulich schon gestolpert und hab‘ sie direkt in meine Marbs Playlist gepackt, jetzt gibt es dazu den kompletten Longplayer, in Form der „Satrin Psicodelic“-EP. Ein „deeply personal, mystical and psychedelic experience“, wie der Künstler selbst sagt. Hier:

„When you’re 27 and all the different obstacles we’re going through in our lives, all the different traumas and crazy stuff that we experience. We’re at such an interesting point, and in the midst of all this, it feels like this wild chaos. Spiritually, too. Even our bodies are changing. So, for me I’m like, where do I find beauty in the chaos? Where do I fall in? How can I place myself in this balance? In ancient Egypt they said ‘maat’, and it’s a principle that means balance. That’s the principle of this project. Satin Psicodelic is trying to be as smooth as satin in this weird, crazy place we’re in. It’s like smooth chaos, or balanced chaos. It’s a theme in my life.“

Unser Mucke-Projekt des Tages, peep below.

Sunni Colón – „Satin Psycodelic“ // Spotify Stream:

Sunni Colón – „Satin Psycodelic“ // apple Music Stream:


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