Miniature Streetart by Pablo Delgado over East London [11 Bilder]

In East London poppen seit kurzem überall Miniature Paste-Ups von Pablo Delgado auf, die mit kontroversen und absurden Motiven das Stadtbild erheblich verschönern. I like:

„Pablo Delgado terrorizes the streets of East London with his miniature wheatpastes. Prostitutes, bums, circus animals and even Catholic Cardinals are all seen slumming the walls, depicting not just real life but also the absurd. Delgado’s miniature additions surely make this world a more interesting place. (MMM)“

(Bilder © by StreetArtLondon)


8 Antworten zu “Miniature Streetart by Pablo Delgado over East London [11 Bilder]”

  1. Griff sagt:

    Please could you provide a better attribution for our original photos which you are using in your post? Cheers…


  2. Henning sagt:

    Moin, wie Du mitbekommen hast, macht das Street Art Blog ein wenig Ärger, weswegen ich den Backlink zu Dir entfernt habe. Ist zwar Schwachsinn, aber was soll’s.

  3. Henning sagt:

    … Naja, nicht ganz so schwachsinn, aber die Jungs könnten wenigstens kenntlich machen, dass die Fotos von ihnen stammen – wer kann das denn ahnen.

  4. MC Winkel sagt:

    @Henning: Sehe ich auch so, bin kein Hellseher. Und was meint er mit „better attribution“ – da steht die Quelle wie bei jedem anderen Posting auch – soll ich das in Font Size 12 machen, oder wie?! Mein Herren. Ich dacht, im Streetart-Bereich sei man cool und freut sich, wenn Content geshared wird. Wohl nicht in England.

  5. paradonym sagt:

    Jedes Bild mit dem Streetart-Blog verlinken und unter jedes fett gedruckt den Copyright-Hinweis? ;D

  6. Hi guys – we had a look at your comments in reply to what we said. We just think it’s a shame when the people who actually take the time and care to produce original content on the internet get scant credit for it and others think it’s fine to reproduce an entire original post on their site without asking first and just put [via] at the bottom to cover off their usage. If you want people to find out more about street art why not direct them to our site a little more easily? We didn’t mean to cause any offence with our comments. We are however now wondering what you guys are going to post next, some chapters from Harry Potter or the whole of Transformers 3 perhaps? ;)

    All the best
    Street Art London

  7. MC Winkel sagt:

    @Street Art London: So what’s the big deal? Are you the artist, did you paint those pieces? I wonder what Pablo Delgado would say if he saw you acting like this – in my comprehension streetart is telling everybody who you are, what you do, have the possibility to express yourself. So every artist wants his artworks to get spreaded as much/far as possible. Thank you very much for your pictures (really!), I live in the north of germany, not in London, otherwise I would have made some photos and I’d really appreciate if ANYBODY spreads them (I do the „[via]“ in all of my postings like that, you are the first guys who don’t like it)!
    Are you guys into streetart or into copyright? :)

  8. Gilli Vanilli sagt:

    hahaha word emser !!!

    letzter satz top

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