Elaquent veröffentlicht neues Projekt „Blessing In Disguise“ // Full Streams

Neues Projekt von dem hier auf WHUDAT seit Ewigkeiten gefeatureten Produzenten Elaquent, hier ist „Blessings In Disguise“. Es erwarten Euch 15 entspannte HipHop-Instrumentals, die Nummer „Moment of Weakness“ wurde von Seb Zillner co-produziert, an „Still Snoozin“ war Croup beteiligt und „No Hard Feelings“ entstand mit Hilfe von Blue November. Das Artwork stammt von Jaque Edeyr (Graphic Design von Jean Goode) und Ihr hört hier jetzt mal rein!

„Sometimes the best things in life to ever happen to you…are the things that don’t happen,” Elaquent says. Blessing in Disguise imagines its title not as a quick aphorism or a tired stock phrase, but as a reminder of the real, hard-earned wisdom that comes from navigating life’s roughest stretches. This is a record about resilience, born from false starts and dead ends that would stop some aspiring artists in their tracks. But this is a story of perseverance: the hardship informs the music, which in turn helps listeners navigate those difficult periods in their own lives. It also pushes you to find new roads around unfamiliar roadblocks. As the artist himself says: “Failure is often the greatest catalyst for growth and success.“

Elaquent – „Blessing In Disguise“ // Bandcamp Stream:

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