„Colossus“ – An Aerial Panorama of New York illustrated by Patrick Vale

Mit „Colossus“ hat der in London lebende Künstler Patrick Vale einen absolut passenden Titel für seine neustes, gigantischen Artwork gewählt. Über mehrere Monate arbeitete der gute Mann an seinem beeindruckendem Aerial Panorama von New York City. Zur seiner Inspiration sagt der Engländer selbst: „I spent an afternoon at the top of a very tall building in New York, it was 15 degrees so drawing was tough, but i got enough sketches done and took lots of pictures. This drawing is a months work back in the studio, using my drawings from the afternoon, video and pictures i took.“ Den Enstehungsprozess seiner imposanten Arbeit, hat er freundlicherweise in einem Timelapse-Clip festgehalten. Kuckt doch mal:

London-based artist Pat Vale’s latest illustration, Colossus, is a fitting title given the scale with which it was drawn. Having previously etched out the Lower Manhattan skyline from the perspective of the Empire State Building back in 2012, Vale is no stranger to freehand sketching of such extensive proportions. Only this time, his aerial panorama of New York takes him further uptown, where the city’s most defining structures – including the Freedom Tower and Chrysler Building – stand tall and proud.

[via highsnobiety]


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