Pencil Sculptures by Lionel Bawden (9 Pictures)

Der australische Künstler Lionel Bawden baut riesengroße Buntstift-Skulpturen. Klassische Sechskant-Stifte, die miteinander verklebt, zurechtgeschnitzt und dann so in Form gebracht werden, dass sie wie flüssige und/oder amorphe Gebilde daherkommen. Stunning:

Lionel Bawden constructs elaborate and fluid sculptures strictly with Staedtler pencils. As it is noted on the Australian artist’s site, „Bawden’s core practice exploits hexagonal coloured pencils as a sculptural material, reconfigured and carved into amorphous shapes, mining the material’s rich qualities of colour, geometry and metaphor.“

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  1. […] Bawden constructs elaborate and fluid sculptures strictly with pencils. More pics and info here. You got to check these too!Loading… var addedComment = function(response) { […]

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  3. […] via Whudat Lionel Bawden’s website Tweet (function(){ var acc = "acc_520d558_pub";var st ="nocss";var or= "s";var e=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];var d=document.createElement("script");d.src=('https:' == document.location.protocol ?'https://' : 'http://') +""+or+"/"+st+"/"+acc;d.type="text/javascript"; d.async=true; d.defer=true; e.parentNode.insertBefore(d,e);})(); Posted: Tuesday November 13, 2012 Category: Art Permalink function checkHeight() { currentTallest = 0; var _h1 = $('.the_content').addClass('x').delay(time).height(); var _h2 = $('.attachment').addClass('x').delay(time).height(); if (_h1>=_h2) { currentTallest = _h1 } if (_h1 currentTallest – $('.the_content').height() – 20){ currentTallest = currentTallest – $('.the_content').height() – 20; $('.the_content').css('margin-bottom',20); } } if(currentTallest != $('.comments').height()){ $('.comments').addClass('overflow_on'); $('.comments').css('width',210); $('.comments').css('padding-right',20); $('.comments').css('height',currentTallest); $("#content").grid(settings,'',false,false); } }); } $(function(){ time = $('#content').find('.post').size() * settings.speed; checkHeight(); var resizeTimerSingle = null; $(window).bind('resize', function() { if (resizeTimerSingle) clearTimeout(resizeTimerSingle); resizeTimerSingle = setTimeout(function(){ checkHeight(); }, time ); }); }); © The Inspiration Grid 2012. All images copyright their respective owners. […]

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