Streetart: „If You Want To Achieve Greatness – Stop Asking For Permission“ – Eddie Colla (13 Pictures)

Ein paar hervorragende Stencils des aus Oakland stammenden Streetartist Eddie Colla (flickr), multi-layered Visionen von Menschen in den Fängen von Isolation, Unterdrückung und Konformität. Eine subtile, dennoch starke Bildsprache, die mit geballter Kraft das ausdrückt, was tief im Herzen seines gesamten Schaffens liegt: das leidenschatliches Streben nach Freiheit und das Zelebrieren ebendieser. Auf thedirtfloor habe ich ein Interview mit Colla gefunden, ein Ausschnitt aus diesem sowie weitere Bilder seiner Artworks – nach dem Jump:

One of my favorite quotes from your work is “If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission”. What inspired this quote and what does it mean to you?

It’s just about controlling your own fate. If you make your success contingent upon the approval of others, you’re kinda following the formula for failure. There are few great achievements in the history of the world that were not, at first, met with doubt or fear or both. For every person who achieved something great, there were 100 who told them it couldn’t or shouldn’t be done.

What is something important that you have learned as an artist that you wish you new earlier in your career.

1) No matter what you do, someone will thinks it’s shit.
2) Guys who wear blue dress shirts are generally thinking about what they’re gonna do after work while you’re telling them about your idea.
3) Defining things often ruins them
4) Your girlfriend will be mad at you sometimes
5) Reds fade

How would you best describe your nature, optimist, pessimist, angry, hopeful?

Realist. Which would include all of the afore mentioned in various measures. I tried the angry thing for a really long time. As far as I can tell, all it got me was a few enemies and a bunch of smashed furniture and phones.

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3 Antworten zu “Streetart: „If You Want To Achieve Greatness – Stop Asking For Permission“ – Eddie Colla (13 Pictures)”

  1. Camouflage sagt:

    Ich liebe die Streetart-Serien die du postest :)
    (und die Japanerin)

  2. Brian Crowley sagt:

    Hello —
    I’m interested in getting some of your work (especially the Asian girl in Bikini) in poster form. Is it possible to buy this?

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