Streetart: Animated Mural / GIFitti by WEDO


Nachdem wir heute morgen bereits das Album der Woche (vermutlich auch des Monats und vielleicht des Jahres) hatten, gibt es hier das Artwork der Woche: ein animiertes Mural von dem spanischen Streetartist Wedo (hier bei facebook), welches ich bei A.L. Crego im Tumblr gefunden habe und über welches ich leider auch nur diese paar Informationen finden konnte:

There are things out there
that we only can see
if we stare.

True dat. weitere Details gibt es nach dem Jump:



[via A.L. Crego]


2 Antworten zu “Streetart: Animated Mural / GIFitti by WEDO”

  1. ob sagt:

    Sorry to bother but you have to be more precise.
    a GIFitti is an animated gif made with many pictures of the same graffiti slightly different every picture, the differences are painted on the wall.

    Yours is just an animated-gif of a graffiti.
    The movement has been done in post production.

    Don’t misinform people please.

    much respect.

  2. A. L. Crego sagt:

    I did this one, and the term of Giffiti is so relative. It was “invented” by INSA, but what is really a Giffiti? Is a gif made from a graffiti. We can call it Muralgif?? The word is not important… I think, but I prefer call them Motion Graffiti or Motion Mural, I know is not the same as Gfifiti. It is not a graffiti, is a mural… and it is a animated gif, but made form a mural. so, I agree with you that is not extrictly a Giffiti, but it is a Gif, and a mural… Is it important? It is only a question of words. The art has no words….

    And peolpe is not misinformed, they can (MUST) looking for themselves…. Somebody when I was a chid read me a Bible, but I didn’t think I was being misinformed… I investigate a little, so I learned and then I could choose…. Who is misinformed is because the dont want to get informed by themselves.


    more gifs here: Street art and more things!

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