New Yorkers Web Series – Sabe // Walter Momentè // Gordon Hawkins (3 Clips)

Drei neue und wie immer sehr interessante und unterhaltsame Folgen der NYorkers Web Series für Euer Wochenende: heute gibt es die authentischen Kurzportraits der drei New Yorker Sabe (einen Creator aus Brooklyn), Walter Momentè (einem Sandwich Maker, wer in New York ist sollt das „Maestro“ checken, hier gibt es seine italienischen Sandwiches) und Gordon Hawkins (ein „Rooftop Gardener“) – gute Unterhaltung:



„Shooting with Sabe made for an interesting Friday afternoon. The heat and humidity was oppressive both outside and inside his Brooklyn studio but his place had a very cool and artistic vibe. You walk in and there is art everywhere- covering the walls, tubed up, and on the floors.“

Walter Monentè:


„Alidoro sandwich shop is a neighborhood gem. If you don’t believe me, the line out the door gives further proof. But if you appreciate great food, it’s well worth the wait. These Italian sandwiches are pure goodness. Walter Momentè runs the place and is the maestro of what might be New York City’s finest sandwich.“

Gordon Hawkins:


„At the top of a tiny building on an unassuming block lies the rooftop garden of Gordon Hawkins. If you were walking down the street in Carroll Gardens, you would probably have no idea that one of New York’s nicest rooftop gardens was lurking just above you. But that’s one of the many charms of living here. Unfortunately the house is being sold so we are some of the last privileged few to see it in full bloom.“


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    schöne Serie

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