„Mono No Aware“ – Travel Memories Captured in Incredible Photographs by Gabriella Achadinha

Impressionen ihres Trips durch den Süden Japans sowie zur südkoreanischen Hauptstadt Seoul, gewährt uns Fotografin Gabriella Achadinha im Rahmen ihres Projekts „Mono No Aware“. Zusammen mit der Künstlerin Marlize Eckard verpasste sie ihren Aufnahmen einen besonderen Twist, in Form von interessanten „Glitch“-Effekten. Achadinha selbst ließ über die vorliegenden Werke Folgendes verlauten: „I was having a conversation recently about how the English language seems to fail us with it’s one dimensional words for emotion. In other languages, there are untranslatable notions and words that take us so much more language to unravel. Mono no aware is a phrase such as this. It pins down a feeling I have had while traveling in such an exact way that it feels almost a relief to know there is language for it. Mono no Aware: An awareness of the impermanence of all experiences and memories, an almost nostalgic, wistful acceptance of that which cannot be forever held onto. The phrase has become an aesthetic sensibility in Japan, an understanding that this beauty can only be ephemeral. Traveling personifies this, no matter how many photographs one takes, the more time slips the less of that experience can be recalled.“

South African photographer Gabriella Achadinha and Marlize Eckard collaborated on a project called Mono No Aware. The photographs captured in southern Japan and in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, are modified with a “glitch” effect in order to interpret memories and not reality.

[via livefastmag]


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