Meditation can reveal a profound truth to us – namely, that it is our minds that create and determine every moment of our lives, and not external circumstances or other people. When we understand this, we will truly appreciate the power of meditation to change us, our lives, and the world.

    Modern Consciousness

    We practice Modern Consciousness – thousands of years old wisdom in a form of presentation tailored to the busy people of the modern world. We are currently using the circumstances of our everyday life to change our usual modes of reaction through targeted meditation and thus experience more happiness.

    What is Meditation?

    Meditation is an art that is thousands of years old and is being practiced again today. More and more people are turning to meditation in order to better cope with the demands of modern life, to experience inner peace, to develop a new self-image and wisdom, to open their hearts and thus improve their well-being.

    Meditation is the Buddha’s method of developing states of mind that promote peace and well-being, and states of mind that cause us problems, initially diminishing and ultimately eliminating completely.

    The Benefits of Meditation

    Through various meditation exercises we can relax, let go of negative thoughts and painful feelings, gain perspective and become calmer overall. A calm person can react calmly in the worst of stress and the strength of his calm can also have a positive influence on his fellow human beings. Meditation is therefore a real enrichment for everyone, whether Buddhist or non-Buddhist.

    Some of the benefits are:

    – Improved mental and physical wellbeing
    – Improved concentration and focus in life
    – A positive outlook on life with flexible serenity
    – Better relationships by developing empathy and patience

    What Practices do we offer?

    Our personal trainers offer courses in different areas. Essentially, you can learn the following meditation and consciousness practices:

    – Mindfulness Meditation
    – Transcendental Meditation
    – Kundalini Breathing Exercises
    – Wim Hof Breathing Exercise
    – Shambhavi Mahamudra Exercise
    – Hatha Yoga Exercises
    – Creating Your Personal Daily Routines

    We can guide you through different types of spiritual and consciousness processes. We offer reading recommendations, we can recommend the best meditation apps and we will help you find the right, spiritual companion for you on online video platforms.

    Please contact us via e-mail.