Maloon The Boom – „Pink“ (Full Stream)


Der aus Zürich kommende Beatproduzent Maloon The Boom ist mir das erste Mal aufgefallen, als er zusammen mit Melodiesinfonie auf großer „Be Thankful Tour“ war. Jedenfalls hat Maloon jetzt gerade ein neues Beat-Projekt mit dem Namen „Pink“ veröffentlicht, welches mir zu Gehör kam und welches ich Euch unbedingt vorstellen möchte. Es gibt 35 Tracks, die allesamt in einem „rosafarbenem Kapitel“ des Künstlers entstanden sind. Unten habt Ihr den kompletten Stream, das Album gibt es aber auch schon bei apple Music. Give it a shot:

„Pink“ is a 35 track beat tape that was made during the period of living in a pink chamber. A window into a world full of weirdness, chaos, growth, surprises and stagnation. It was a room where friendships were born and old ones revived and the base camp for many journeys but also a place to crash and a place of reflection and depression, joy and bliss. A place where a lot of adventures took place, real and fictional, a place of love stories and breakups, tears and laughter, pride and humiliation. A place where the student wanted to become the master and realized that the path is never ending, and the real achievement is seeing the beauty in the process. A place where decisions where made, where trust and faith were gained. A place of hustles and tenderness. „Pink“ is a window into exactly that room of never ending stories with its countless protagonists. Whatever you might think to know about that place, whatever you’ve heard, the only thing we know, is that it will never be forgotten. It’ll be remembered forever. In „Pink“.


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