Looking For The Perfect Beat by stillmuzik (Free Beattape Compilation)

perfect beat

Schon im Jahr 1983 war Afrika Baambata auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Beat. Über 30 Jahre später hätte er es wohl selbst nicht für möglich gehalten, das diese Suche mittlerweile so weltumspannend ist. Vor allem in der „Beatmaker“-Szene wird stets nach dem perfekten Beat gesucht und so widmet sich auch diese Compilation dem perfekten Beat. An der Suche beteiligen sich u.A. Somepling, Ta-Ku, Elaquent und Kyo Itachi. Reinhören lohnt sich.

„In 1983, Afrika Baambata was ‚looking for the perfect beat‘ with his band Soul Sonic Force. 30 years after, could he suspect that beatmaking could go so far, spreading all across the world ? Everybody is looking for the perfect beat. Especially beatmakers. As a tribute to Bambaata, this compilation has been trying to contribute to this quest combining the original skills of mad beatmakers. Search for the loop, slice it, paste it, flip it, glitch it, make it right. Whatever the gear :  analog, mp3, digital, software, hardware, it doesn’t matter as it sounds good. Today’s world beatmaking scene is very prolific, some producers are famous, some are getting famous, some work in the shadow of mc’s, but everybody still looks for the perfect beat. Dilla-ists, Pete-Rockians, Primo’s addicts, Easy-Mo Beeists, whatever school they belong to, all of the beatmakers united in the volume I of this exclusive compilation brought the finest boombap we all love.“

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