Haute Couture Illustrated with Tiny Bottles of Nail Polish by Chan Clayrene


Visual Artist Chan Clayrene trägt viel Liebe für Fashion & Haute Couture im Herzen… und ganz offensichtlich auch für Nagellack! Auf ihrem Instagram-Account: @artclaytion präsentiert die kreative Dame aus Singapur zahlreiche Mode-Illustrationen, welche sie mit dem beliebten Kosmetikprodukt pimpt. Sie selbst sagt über ihr unkonventionelles Projekt und ihre Vorliebe für Nagellacke: “Nail polish is one of my favorite cosmetics, I love them because of its glossy shine effect, the most inspiring thing is it gives new life to our ordinary nails! After exploring the possibilities of nail polish on my own nails or papers, I now draw my illustrations on water too! The process of drawing on water is very challenging but exciting, I could ruin my artwork anytime with a wrong stroke! Hence, it just feels like making a wish in the wishing well and the dream comes true once the artwork is completed. Through this art journey, it motivates me to dare to dream, to always inspire and to be an inspiration for others.” Einige Beispiele aus den imposanten Schaffen von Chan Clayrene lassen sich direkt hier unten in Augenschein nehmen:

Haute Couture is not only for runway, you can own it through your nail polish and brushes! My name is Chan Clayrene, I am a visual artist based in Singapore. Currently, I am living my dream on Instagram through illustrating my favorite haute couture and dream gown with the use of my tiny bottles of nail polish!










[via boredpanda]


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