Exile – „Tears for a Prince“ (Free Tribute Instrumental EP)

Exile Tears For A Prince Cover WHUDAT

Hier ist „Tears for a Prince“, eine Tribute Instrumental EP von Exile, den wir hier auf WHUDAT ja auch schon seit Ewigkeiten featuren, besonders sein „Thriller„-Tribute aus 2010 ist mir in sehr guter Erinnerung geblieben. Wie dem auch sei: Prince ist zwar nicht tot, aber trotzdem gibt es dieser Tage natürlich Unmengen von Tribute-Mixtapes und sonstigen Projekten, die etwas mit dem Godfather of Funk zu tun haben. Die besten Sachen davon filtern wir hier für Euch raus und diese EP von Exile hier ist ganz weit vorne mit dabei. Sie besteht gerade einmal aus 3 Stücken, „Til‘ the Dawn“, „Gonna get high Together“ und „Love your Life“ – kann aber richtig was. Einen persönlichen Nachruf hat Exile dazu auch noch geschrieben. Sehr viel Liebe für das hier:

„I woke up April 21st to the news of Prince’s passing. As time passed, drinks were sipped and again I was asked the question, „how are you going to respond musically to his passing?“ I went home faded, turned on the stereo and started banging Prince.

As I’m listening, I’m realizing all the memories and emotions i had stored in his music. I’m remembering how much of his music my Mom would play at high volume when I was growing up. Reminiscing on my Mothers happy face as she would dance in the house. I mean she would be busting! Dancing like she’s in the club! She was good too! I began to cry and think about my own life. I began to reflect on the passing of my Mother and Prince as a symbol of this wonderful journey we’re all on. A sign of the times of my own life so to speak. To witness the death of my Mother and the recent death of a prince.

This all represents a farewell to a childhood that has made me the man I am today. The creativity I fight viciously for and the inspiration I find along the way. All of this that keeps me on track with the God energy and means everything to me.

I’ve realized I have no choice but to honor his creative life by honoring my own.

So by taking my good friends advice with these 3 simple beats and this Hip Hop I’ve been working on my whole life. This is what makes me happy. Inspiration turned to creation. With heart and with love.
Rest in Peace Prince.“ – Exile Manfredi


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