Darío Escobar findet Inspiration für skulpturale Artworks im Sportfachhandel

Künstler Darío Escobar aus Guatemala findet Inspiration für seine sehenswerten skulpturalen Artworks an unterschiedlichsten Orten …offensichtlich auch im Sportfachhandel! Fussbälle, Basballschläger oder Skateboards wecken beispielsweise die Kreativität des Mannes aus Zentralamerika. „My work starts from a reflection about the industrial object, sculptures created with soccer balls, skateboards, baseball bats, etc. Persistent thinking of identical objects in a sculptural operation; a new configuration of an element repeated obsessively, such as when showing a product in supermarkets or sports stores.“ so Escobar selbst. Ein paar Beispiele aus seinem unkonventionellen Schaffen lassen sich direkt hier unten bestaunen. Just have a look + Enjoy:

Unlike Guatemalan conceptual artist Darío Escobar, most people who pass through the sporting goods section of a store would not pause to consider the accumulation of mass-produced industrial objects like soccer balls and the cultural value that they gain via those who consume them. Escobar’s sculptural works make use of balls that have had their patches removed and resewn inside out, bats that have been broken and configured to form skylines, and skateboards that have been cut into pieces and reformed using gold hinges.

[via Colossal]


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