Bike Like a New Yorker Campaign by BikeNYC (13 Pictures + 2 Clips)

Ganz fantastisches Projekt der Mother New York Agentur für BikeNYC, die im Zuge der stetig wachsenden Biker Gemeinschaft an Billboards, auf Straßenkreuzungen und Plakaten noch mehr Menschen davon überzeugen wollen, jeden Tag aufs Rad zusteigen. Tolle Idee, großartige Visuals und gelungene Umsetzung. Die restlichen Pics, sowie zwei Clips, die einem das Gefühl des City Bikings näher bringen, nach dem Jump.

“The campaign is launched in order to stay ahead of the debate on the upcoming bike share program “Citi Bike” in New York City. Print ads and billboards will be posted throughout publications and city streets supporting the growing bike movement. The ads will also encourage people to visit which hopes to become an important destination for the city’s bikers, providing information on events and hundreds of options for social biking. Bicycling is the fastest growing form of transportation in New York City and the aim of the campaign is to encourage even more New Yorkers to choose a bicycle for everyday use.”

(more pictures and both clips on page 2 – click below!)

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  1. KielBerlin sagt:

    “While Brunelle claims that cyclists racing in alley-cat races aren’t a danger to the public or themselves, one died in 2007 as he was leading a race in Chicago”

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