„Saudade“ – Black & White Pictures of Analog Pinball Machines by Michael Massaia


Der amerikanische Fine Art-Fotograf Michael Massaia widmet sich in seiner Serie „Saudade“ aussterbenden, analogen Unterhaltungsgeräten. Die Rede ist hier von Pinball Machines aka Flipperautomaten, welche sich heutzutage leider kaum noch finden lassen. Über 10 Jahre hat der 38-jährige entsprechende Geräte von Herstellern wie Gottlieb, Bally, oder Williams in der Umgebung seiner Heimat New Jersey zusammengesucht. Er selbst sagt über dieses Projekt: „The project was my way of saying goodbye to the quickly shrinking analog world, while at the same time paying homage to the beauty of these last standing machines.“ Direkt hier unten gibt es einige Aufnahmen von Flipperautomaten mit Namen wie Slick Chick, Captain Card, Evel Knievel oder Gorgar. Just have a look + Enjoy:

Beautiful black and white photos of pinball machines taken throughout New Jersey in the last remaining arcades by fine art photographer Michael Massaia. Entitled Saudade, the series captures pinball machines manufactured by companies such as Gottlieb, Bally, and Williams. Massaia has been working on this series for almost 10 years and struggled over the years making the prints stating that „only within the last year have I been able to get the prints to look the way I envisioned when I started capturing them about a decade a go.“ The images were shot with a modified 4×5 and 5×7 camera, back and white film, and he hand-makes the final prints as 43×53, 30×40, and 20×24 gold toned gelatin silver contact prints.












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