„Where we Belong“ – Radiant Sunsets Painted at Forgotten Places in the Scottish Highlands by Andrew McIntosh


Die schottischen Highlands dienen dem Maler Andrew „Mackie“ McIntosh als perfekte Inspirationsquelle für seine Reihe „Where we Belong“. Die eindrucksvollen Landschaften prägten den Künstler bereits seit früher Kindheit. Mit Blick auf Hügel und Felder wuchs McIntosh im Kreise seiner Familie in der Nähe der schottischen Cairngorm Mountains auf. Mit Ölfarbe bringt er heute kleine Lichtblicke in Form von Sonnenaufgängen an ungewöhnliche Orte seiner kargen Heimat wie z.B. Wohnwagen oder verlassene Gebäude. Er selbst lässt über seine aktuellen Werke Folgendes verlauten: „My paintings are an exercise in attraction. Through them I am constantly searching for new ways of communicating with the viewer. By seducing them with my imagery, I try to create a new visual language with the power to pique their attention and make them stop to ask: why? Desolate landscapes, decrepit houses, and incongruous moments of glory come together to suggest the presence of a narrative that exists as much in the viewer’s mind as in the painting. This is how I aim to use my works: as the space for an imaginary dialogue between strangers.“ Und so sieht das Ganze dann aus:

Scottish painter Andrew „Mackie“ McIntosh takes ubiquitous structures often abandoned on rural homesteads like travel campers or sheds and reveals hidden worlds within: radiant sunsets and expansive skies that appear like portals into another place. Drawing inspiration from a childhood spent in the Highlands of Scotland, the London-based painter gives unexpected life to derelict buildings set against the backdrop of mist-filled woods and frozen mountains.










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