‚Travel Our Social Media-driven Society‘ – Illustrationen von Elonie Lopes aus Paris

Die junge Grafik-Designerin & Illustratorin Elonie Lopes aus Paris widmet sich in ihrem Artwork aktuell unserer Social Media-driven Society. Die kreative Dame lebt sich neben der Arbeit mit Stift, Pinsel und Digitalen Hilfsmitteln, auch auf dem Feld der Tattoo Kunst aus. Die Arbeiten auf ihrem Instagram-Account: @elonillustration sind inspiriert von zahlreichen Dingen, welche der Künstlerin (und uns allen) im alltäglichen Leben begegnen. Sie selbst ließ dazu verlauten: „I am inspired by everything that surrounds me, mostly what I see on internet including Instagram. It is a subject of a lot of conversations I have with my friends. Until now, I thought that to please I had to draw naked models, but recently, I tried to convey a message through drawing and realized that it pleased even more ! So I do not hesitate and I love reading people’s reactions and opinions on the results.“ Just have a look:

‚I draw since I know how to hold a pencil‘, reveals Elonie, a French illustrator and graphic designer living in Paris. Graduated with a licence in graphic design, this artist who has also been tattooing for a few months is accustomed to naked women sketches, but she recently added a whole other dimension with hints of denunciation to her work. From influencers to sponsored publications on Instagram, Elonie offers a meaningful travel into our social media-driven society.

[via fubiz]


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