Streetart: JR’s „Unframed Project“ in Marseille / France (16 Pictures)

This one from Algeria was chosen by a women that grew up there and now lives in this neighborhood…

… an image of the old Tramway of the city

This is Ren Fadda, he spent 25 years in the french Marine. He participated to my Unframed project because he wanted to wanted to confronts generation and stories… he in love with his neighborhood even if it has changed a lot. He is a real character he has only good memories from the navy… even if it was a hard life.

POST 1/2 :UNFRAMED project in Marseille – This is a photo from 1946 taken in the school of La Belle de Mai Neighborhood in Marseille – We just installed it on the front of the school with the students …

70 years later the students re photographed themselves at the same position than the original 1946 picture (my previous post )… of course the population has changed…

Bonjour ! This one came from the archives of Georges Cuny. He took this image during a protest against government sevices here in Marseille ! French people love protest..right ?

This is the eyes Fatouma selected. It’s her fathers eyes … she went on a search to find this image contacting her family back there in Algeria… Now those strangers eyes will be their to welcome you in this unique city …
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