Radio Juicy: Maverick Soul – „Knocks and Vibes“ // Full Streams

Es gibt Neues aus dem Hause Radio Juicy, hier ist Maverick Soul (feat) mit seiner neuen „Knocks and Vibes“-EP. Sechs sehr entspannte Tunes zum Tagträumen, oder wie es im Pressetext heisst:

Radio Juicy presents Maverick Soul’s new EP „Knocks and Vibes“ a beautiful album flowing like a daydream. With a touch of magic we’re being taken away in a mysterious land where everything is peaceful. Simply let the harmony of Knocks and Vibes take your mind away and travel to a imaginary place where time has stopped, a place where you’re relieved of your stress. Just close your eyes, listen to the music and relax.“

Maverick Soul – „Knocks and Vibes“ // Spotify Stream:

Maverick Soul – „Knocks and Vibes“ // Spotify Stream:


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