This is Virunga, the first National Park in Africa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Silverback Mountain Gorilla, along with 6 females, had been killed by a group trying to intimidate conservation rangers into being less proactive in their efforts against poaching & illegal charcoal making. There are only about 40 of these Silverbacks in the world, so the Rangers were devastated at the assassination. This procession went on for about 5 kms, moving the 600 pound body over hills & through the forest. Mostly this was done in silence, very unusual for Africans at labor. The D.R.C. is the world’s worst war since WWII. 5.4 million dead since 1996. I covered that war for a long time but this pic is the first crossover image I made. I think it talks about conservation issue but it also talks about what happens when war reduces people to a survivalist group & corrupt businessmen ruthlessly exploiting the assets of the region with no view to the future. Over 120 of these rangers have died in the last 10


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