„October“ – Herbstliches Mural von Künstler Dimitris Taxis im griechischen Volos

Unser Mural des Tages kommt vom griechischen Street Artist Dimitris Taxis und trägt passender Weise den Titel „October“. Der aus Polen stammende Künstler pimpt seit etwa 6 Jahren das Stadtbild von Athen, wo der gute Mann mittlerweile Zuhause ist, mit sehenswerten Wandbildern. Für seinen neusten Streich verschlug es Taxis kürzlich im Rahmen des Urban Act-Projekts in die Hafenstadt Volos am Pagasitischen Golf. In einem sozial eher benachteiligten Viertel der Stadt, platzierte der Street Artist sein Mural in herbstlichen Pastelltönen. Und so siehst das Ganze aus… Just have a look:

Dimitris Taxis is keeping active in Greece where he has just finished a mural for Urban Act project, this time – in a coastal port Volos City. Artwork is located on a housing complex for workers at Nea Ionia district, which is mostly occupied by workers and immigrants and is a very poor district… In front of the wall is a small park and playground for children, where every day kids play after school with their mothers who watch them and talk about every day problems. After sunset, elderly people gather around, sit, talk and watch kids play. Everyone knows each-other and by looking at them from far – you would think they are a big family keeping each-others company every evening. The artist tried to create something that would be understandable by everyone – he used a woman without showing her face to symbolise the great importance of female figure in a family who works at home, preparing everything, working in the garden, waiting for her husband and her children to come back from home after work or school, and how lonely that “job” must be…

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