New Yorkers Web Series – William MacLeod // Tricky Henry (2 Clips)

Die sympathische Serie über New Yorker Original geht weiter, hier die nächsten 2 Episoden. Wir haben William MacLeod, einen Tauben-Nerd im feinen Zwirn, ein Mann, der sobald er im Washington Square Park auftaucht von oben bis unten mit Tauben eingedeckt ist – sie lieben ihn. Und wir haben Tricky Henry, einen Straßen-Magier aus Harlem, der immer schon gern im Mittelpunkt stand. Zwei kleine Donuts für Eure Frühstückspause:


“William is neither homeless nor deranged. He works as a real estate agent and walks around in a suit, which is perhaps why he turns so many heads every time he enters Washington Square Park and is immediately covered in pigeons. He knows the birds, they know him, and every day during his work breaks he stops by to visit them. For the average passerby, fraternizing with pigeons is often seen as an activity reserved for the dirty or the insane. Being that William is neither of the two, the next most logical explanation is that he simply loves animals.”


“In New York City, when not in a Broadway theater, magic often comes in the form of street and subway performance. As a kid growing up in Harlem, Tricky Henry got his start in magic by hustling on the streets of Harlem and Washington Heights. He would make bets with random pedestrians that he could perform such feats as eating lightbulbs and then producing them, unbroken, from his ass. His love for being the center of attention and shocking his audience lead him down the path to become a professional magician. Now, he spends his days manning the magic shop at Abracadabra on 21st street, as well as giving hired performances. As he explained to us, “I think I have the best job in the world. I get to perform tricks all day. You can’t beat that.”


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