New Yorkers Web Series – Sarah Petroski / Aimée Allen / Celia Rowlson-Hall / Quoc Pham (4 Clips)


Weil ich Reise-bedingt ein paar Episoden verpasst habe, hier die geballte Ladung meiner aktuellen Lieblings-Webserie, vier Folgen der „New Yorkers Web Series„, in welcher authentische New Yorker Originale vorgestellt/portraitiert werden. In den heutigen Folgen seht Ihr Sarah Petroski, komplett durchtrainierte Fitness-Trainerin, die „New Yorkers“-Serie begleitet sie sowohl im Gym als auch in ihrem Apartment beim Workout. Im Anschluss Aimée Allen, eine Jazz Musikerin/Sängerin mit unglaublicher Energie. Dann haben wir Celia Rowlson-Hall, durchgeknallte (im positivsten Sinne) Tanzmaschine, bekannt nicht erst seit den viral gegangenen Vimeo-Clips „Prom Night“ und „Audition“. Und schließlich noch Quoc Pham, Ex-Event Manager, DJ und absoluter Sound-Nerd mit eigens konstruiertem „Tower of Sound“ in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Alles sehr geile Leude, viel Spaß:





NYorkers // Sarah Petroski


It’s pretty safe to say that Sarah Petroski works out more than your average New Yorker. Maybe you think you’re in shape because you bike to work everyday or have a pull-up bar in your apartment. The kind of shape that Sarah’s in requires her to not only be at the gym every day but to dedicate her life to fitness. Unlike other girls, her role models growing up were strong female athletes like Gabrielle Reece. Beyond just working out, Sarah teaches group fitness classes, does personal training, and is a fitness model.

NYorkers // Aimée Allen


New York City and jazz music go almost hand in hand. Since the 1920’s when jazz was really beginning to hit its stride, the energy and diversity of New York has attracted and inspired many of the greats in the scene. Aimée Allen’s contribution to today’s scene is her beautiful voice and compositions, both of which draw from a plethora of influences, not the least of which being bossa nova.

NYorkers // Celia Rowlson-Hall


Celia’s a dancing machine! There has been a common thread in some of Celia’s best known work where she will do double-duty as both the star and the director, performing her own brand of energetic, tongue-in-cheek, and visceral choreography. We caught up with her during a commercial shoot for Aritzia, for which she was doing just that. In the Vimeo community, she gained popularity and recognition for her shorts „Prom Night“ and „Audition.“

NYorkers // Quoc Pham


This is not your mama’s sound system! Coming from a DJ/event producing background, as well as having a love of Jamaican bass music, Q has always had an ear for sound quality. That being said, despite advances in technology, most modern venues still don’t cut it. Systems might sound distorted, they might sound murky, or they might be just plain unpleasant. It was for that reason, as well as a reverence for the history of Jamaican sound system culture, that Q decided to build his custom „Tower of Sound“ right here in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.


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