Minesweeper: Amazing New Street Art Comes to Life in the 5th District of Paris by Levalet (15 Pictures)


Nein, Microsoft bringt kein neues Minesweeper raus, hierbei handelt es sich um das aktuelle Projekt des französischen Streetartists Levalet. Seine schwarz-weiß Prints setzt er so in Szene, das sie mit der Umgebung auf eine humorvolle Art und Weise interagieren. Sei es bei “Minesweeper” mit einem Billiard Queue und einer Granate, einer Klimaanlage oder einem Stromkasten.

You may have seen the incredible street art of Charles Leval, also known as Levalet, making the rounds on the internet earlier this year. The talented artist decorates his city with imaginative wheatpaste images that seem to come alive. He often displays the pasteup characters interacting with 3d materials, like windowsills, electrical cords, and support beams that are already there, as well as throwing his own props into the mix. His latest work, titled “Demineur”, which is French for Minesweeper, features a man with a real cue stick, aiming at a grenade for the perfect shot. Let’s hope he scratches! Check out more work by Levalet on his website and become a fan on Facebook.







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