JP Auclair & Tom Wallisch Street Segment – from INTO THE MIND (Clip)

Furioser Clip aus dem preisgekrönten Film „Into The Mind“. Darin sehen wir die beiden Wahnsinnigen JP Auclair und Tom Wallisch, einer der derzeit besten Freestyle Skier und olympische Hoffnung für Sochi 2014, wie sie auf der Flucht vor diversen Leuchprojektionen quer durch die City skiien. Unbeeindruckt von welchen Hindernissen auch immer, bahnen die Beiden sich ihren Weg entlang von Baustellen, Treppen und Geländern.

„Perhaps JP fell asleep on that „Uphill“ Bus, and had something of a nightmare. Now he’s charging down midnight streets, chased by a spotlight: the gaze of the dreamer. As if in the gutters of the mind, he is surrounded by symbols of the dream world, fears and memories that come in the form of projections. When JP encounters a challenging obstacle, he is outstaged by a younger and more capable athlete. Enter Tom Wallisch, one of the worlds most prolific freestyle skiers and an Olympic hopeful for Sochi 2014. Though the chase now seems to be between Tom and JP, at the end of the segment we meet the dreamer themselves, the spotlight that has been following them. The dreamer hurtles past JP and Tom, towards a potentially fatal life decision. Watch the feature film to see what happens next…“




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