JAKARTA Dubplate #12: J. Lamotta – „The Conscious Tree“ (Full Album Stream)

Neues von JAKARTA Records aus Berlin: hier kommt die jazzig, soulful & conscious Platte „The Conscious Tree“ von J.Lamotta, veröffentlicht über Jakarta. Der Name des Longplayers hat tatsächlich eine tiefere Bedeutung, die Künstlerin erklärt wie folgt:

„We’re longing for people’s attention, affection and love because we don’t know how to make all these trees fall in love with us. The food that we eat becomes a part of us, the air that we breath keeps our lives going, what the tree exhales, we inhale. Are we there to receive it willingly and consciously? Because then breathing itself becomes an exciting process. I don’t wanna tell anybody what they should do, but what’s precious to you – that you must give. Something that’s not precious to you, that’s not giving. Someone who chooses to give themselves up – not what’s in their pocket, body, or mind but themselves – truly give. Try giving when you are well, when you’re alive and when it matters to you. Learning to receive gratefully, that’s also giving. When you think about it, everything we have we’ve taken from the planet. The only and only thing, if at all, that is my giving, is sharing the very life within me. This is my privilege. We have the possibility of sharing who we are, and that’s my only giving.“

You see?! Reinghehört:

JAKARTA Dubplate #12: J. Lamotta – „The Conscious Tree“ // Bandcamp Stream:

JAKARTA Dubplate #12: J. Lamotta – „The Conscious Tree“ // apple Music Stream:


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