Gianni Lee x Mike Blud – “Magna Cart Holy Grail The Samples”

MCHG läuft bei mir auf Heavy Rotation und nach anfänglichen Zweifeln kristallisiert sich da ein grandioses Album heraus. Während der Rest der Welt noch die Album-Tracks aufsaugt haben Gianni Lee x Mike Blud sich schon ans diggen gemacht und sämtliche Quellen aufgetan. Wie immer sehr spannend zu hören was alles für Samples verwendet wurden. Aber hört selbst:

Gianni Lee of Babylon Cartel and Mike Blud return with another exploration of soundscape — Magna Carta…Holy Grail – The Samples. The eclectic list indicates the extensive music research by Jay-Z and the contributing producers as the sample list includes tunes by Sizzla, Johnny Guitar Watson, Adrian Younge, Nirvana, Mase, R.E.M., Gonjasufi and many more. In addition, the duo has prepped another mix features the original samples of Jay’s hit songs — ranging from today to all the way back to Reasonable Doubt. Gianni Lee:


1. Holy Grail Commercial Intro
2. Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Holy Grail)
3. Adrian Younge – Sirens (Picasso BabY)
4. Johnny Guitar Watson – Gangster Of Love (Somewhereinamerica)
5. Sizzla – Solid As A Rock (Crown)
6. R.E.M. – Losing My Religion (Heaven)
7. Adrian Younge – Reverie (Heaven)
8. A Tribe Called Quest – Sucka Nigga (Versus)
9. One Way – Believe In Me (Part II On The Run)
10. Mase – Feel So Good (BBC)
11. The Notorious B.I.G. – My Downfall (Jay Z Blue)
12. Gonjasufi – Nikels and Dimes (Nickels and Dime)
13. M.I.A. – Bad Girls (Tom Ford)
14. Holy Grail Commercial Outro

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