Gas-Lab – “Blue Room” // Instrumental Album – Full Stream

Na das ist doch mal was richtig Feines: HipHop inspired Soul & Cool Jazz aus Argentinien, hier ist das “Blue Room”-Projekt von dem Multi-Instrumentalisten Gas-Lab aus Buenos Aires. Es gibt dreizehn Tunes, die so Titel wie “Sunrise”, Higher”, “Haze”, “Nature” oder “Gratitude” heissen, was uns noch ein wenig über die Hobbies des Beatmakers verrät. Hört rein:

“Blue Room” is cool, in the truest sense of the word, with strong nods to Cool Jazz and music eras of days past, still keeping it ultra fresh with laid back loose beats and flow that will have you smiling all the way through. Must be something in all that organic food and Argentinian climate! Whatever it is, we like it and we want more!

Gas-Lab – “Blue Room” // Bandcamp Stream:

Gas-Lab – “Blue Room” // Spotify Stream:


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