„Does or Doesn’t“ – New Hyperrealistic Mural by Croatian Artist Lonac in Nanxian // China

New Work by Photorealistic Maestro, y’all: Mit seinen Murals „The Kiss„, „Nitpicking„, „Technicolor Dream“ und „I lost my Shoe when I saw You“ hat uns Street Artist Lonac im letzten Jahr schwer begeistern können. Nach Stops in Italien und Kroatien führte der Weg des genialen Photorealistic Maestro aus Zagreb kürzlich nach Nanxian in der chinesischen Provinz Hunan. Bei seinem ersten Besuch Asiens hinterließ der Künstler ein brandneues Stück Wallart in seinem bekannten Hyperrealistic-Stil mit dem Titel „Does or Doesn’t“ bzw. „He loves me, he loves me not..“

International graffiti artist network Wallskar, recently hosted a graffiti and food festival “Another Side” in Nanxian county in the province of Hunan, China. Aiming to bridge the Chinese graffiti with the global graffiti art scene the organizers invited a nice selection of international writers, including Croatian artist Lonac. During his first visit to Asia Zagreb-based artist painted a new figurative based hyper realistic piece titled “Does or Doesn’t”, depicting a woman playing “He loves me, he loves me not..” with a yellow flower. Putting his focus on her facial expression, as well as her hands, the artist created a tensed or surprised feel with his work, which is further accented with a large bat hoovering on the top portion of the piece. Limiting himself with colors and leaving a solid green background, Lonac created a vibrant image that is popping from the surface while reminiscing of classic artwork with its softness, light effect and composition.

[via SAN]


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