Dave East veröffentlicht Debütalbum – „Survival“ // Full Streams

Wie was „Debütalbum“? Was ist mit den beiden Paranoia-Projekten? Oder mit den Karma-Projekten? Und das Ding mit Styles P, „Beloved“? Das waren tatsächlich alles Mixtapes. Dave East hat neun Longplayer in seinem Katalog, aber „Survival“ hier, das ist das erste, echte Album. Hier:

„I feel like every project I name it based on kind of what I’m going through. So, when I dropped Paranoia I really was paranoid, you know what I’m saying? I’d just gotten my deal, I was still living in the projects, I was still in the same mix, but people knew Nas had signed me. So it gave me a different feel. And then I did the Karma projects, and when I did Karma I was falling out with a lot of people. I had the fame for a little while, and like day one friends of mine – we was falling out, over me being ‘Dave East.’ And so I had to just put in my mind that as long as I was nothing but good to a person, and that my heart was genuine, that I got good karma coming, and that there was nothing bad gonna come my way. You know what I mean? And then Survival — that’s what I’ve been doing this entire time. I’m surviving now, I’m still trying to figure it out.“ – Dave East

Ihr versteht?! Für mich ist Dave East einer der interessantesten Rapper der neuen Generation, gesigned auf Nas‘ Mass Appeal-Label, down mit dem oldschool shit, Beats immer tight und melodiös (was?), dazu Easts rauhe, tiefe, einzigartige Stimme, Features kommen von DJ Premier, Rick Ross, The-Dream, E40, Timbaland (“Seventeen”), Mozzy, Fabolous, Teyana Taylor, – again: einer der Besten und dieses Album ist d-d-d-dooope! Press Play:

Dave East – „Survival“ // Spotify Stream:

Dave East – „Survival“ // apple Music Stream:


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