Chillhop Essentials – Spring 2019 (ft. Plusma, Aso, Moods, Philanthrope, Flitz&Suppe, Psalm Trees, invention, Ian Ewing, Harris Cole + more)

Auf die „Chillhop Essentials„-Compilation ist seit 2016 zu jeder Jahreszeit Verlass und da wir gestern Frühlingsanfang hatten – hier sind die Chillhop Essentials Spring 2019! Es gibt 25 neue, frühlingsfrische Beats von den hier auf WHUDAT bekannten Beatschustern Plusma, Aso, Moods, Philanthrope, Flitz&Suppe, Psalm Trees, B-Side, Ian Ewing, Invention, Harris Cole und vielen weiteren – checkt die Streams hier unten!

„As the Winter slowly loses its long dark nights to the growing days of Spring, the bare trees and vacant flowers begin to blossom into something new, refreshing and eye opening. To accompany you through the inviting vibes of this coming season we are back with the next instalment of our Essentials series. (…) Paired with stunning artwork (courtesy of Tristan Gion) which perfectly sums up the essence of this release, nudging us closer to the realisation that it’s time to start going outside and explore what the world has to offer.“

Chillhop Essentials – Spring 2019 // Bandcamp Stream:

Chillhop Essentials – Spring 2019 // Spotify Stream:


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