‚Baby With A Handgun‘ – Imposantes Mural von Künstler BiP in San Francisco

Ein wirklich imposantes Mural fertigte der aus San Francisco stammende Street Artist Bip jüngst in seiner Heimatstadt: Der international tätige Künstler, dessen Identität bisher nicht weiter bekannt ist, verpasste der Fassade eines mehrgeschossigen Hauses in der Metropole an der amerikanischen Westküste ein gewaltiges Piece unter dem Titel Baby With A Handgun. Just Wow:

I carried this piece in the back of my head for years. I kept practicing putting an adult expression on a child not really able to nail it, until I understood the image itself was about contrast and internal disagreement. When I made that understanding, I threw my old color studies and rebuilt the painting out of direct contrasts to echo that confliction. So in this image you’ll find: sunlight vs. darkness, real vs. imaginary, infant vs. adult, confusion vs. resolve, innocence vs. guilt, feminine vs. masculine, dangerous vs. toy, fate vs. free choice. And in the handling of the painting. organic vs. inorganic textures, saturated vs. unsaturated colors, and warm vs. cool hues in extremes. And yea maybe the art critics aren’t interested in taking public work to this level, I get the feeling they aren’t prepared to classify murals that way. So if people just say “oh cool” and move on that’s awesome I’m thankful to give someone a few seconds out of their day I would never be above that. But if people want to sit there and get lost in the painting that’s where I’m at with public art – BiP

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