Anti-Lilly & Phoniks – „Stories From The Brass Section“ (Mixtape // Free Download)


Die letzten Tage wurdet Ihr hier aber auch musikalisch verwöhnt, auch heute soll sich das nicht ändern: NEW PHONIKS! Ihr erinnert Euch, Phoniks begleiten wir hier schon seit sehr langer Zeit, was der Künstler selbst übrigens auch sehr zu schätzen weiss:


Ach Mensch, wie nice – für sowas macht man das doch Alles. Aber zurück zum Thema, ich sagte: NEW PHONIKS! Zusammen mit dem aus Houston kommenden Rapper Anti-Lilly hat der Mann jüngst ein Collabo-Projekt mit dem Namen „Stories From The Brass Section“ gedroppt. Wie immer gibt es die unverwechselbaren, an die 90ies-GoldenEra-Boombap erinnernden, jazzig smoothen Beats, 11 Tracks mit weiteren Features von Scolla, Devin Miles und Awon. Die Story hinter dem Projekt, den Audio-Player und einen Download-Link gibt es – nach dem Jump. Gute Musik, Ihr Lieben:

Phoniks: When a writeup on my debut album “Return to the Golden Era” with Awon mentioned Anti and myself in the same breath as far as young artists coming with an old school flavor, I checked out his mixtape and reached out to him about a collab. The music and chemistry flowed immediately and we began recording a few singles until it was clear we had to do a full album. I love the way Anti flows over my beats, it is reminiscent of 90’s acts like Outkast and Goodie Mob who brought a southern flow over beats that had more of a raw, New York type of sound. He also comes with a lot of thought provoking lines and unconventional rhyme schemes that remind me of emcees like MF Doom and Talib Kweli, but with that Houston sound mixed in. I was listening to a lot of early Dilla beat tapes and Pete Rock stuff during the production of this album and you will be able to hear that influence throughout the project.

Anti: Ever since Phoniks first reached out to me and started sending music I knew that we would have an amazing chemistry together. My first time listening to his production, the horns immediately put into a zone which allowed me to express myself like no other way before. His sound reminded me of J Dilla or Pete Rock. After Memoirs I was looking to keep more of classical jazz sound; after recording a few songs together we both decided it only made sense to create an album. What we ended up creating is without a doubt my greatest work up to date. I’m sure Phoniks feels the same. Sonically everything was inspired by an older era of Hip-Hop, I personally drew inspiration from Black Star, UGK, Scarface, Nas and other great storytellers from that time.

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