15 Surfing Shots Handpicked By The Canvas Wave


Wie ihr wisst, sind wir hier bei whudat große Fans von guter Surf-Fotografie. So kann es schon mal passieren, dass wir ganze Nächte in die Tiefen des World Wide Webs eintauchen, um coole neue Surf-Shots aufzutreiben. Im Rahmen einer solchen Night-Session sind wir kürzlich auf die Seite von Canvas Wave gestoßen. Die Jungs und Seitenbetreiber aus San Diego sammeln die besten Action Sports Bilder weltweit und verkaufen diese als Murals und hochqualitative Print Poster über ihre Seite. Neben Snowboard, Skate und Mountain Fotografie liegt ein klarer Fokus auf der Surf-Fotografie. Jared Prince von Canvas Wave hat uns exklusiv für whudat seine 15 Lieblingsshots rausgepickt. Zieht euch die Bilder mal rein und schreibt gerne per Kommentar, welches Bild euer Favorit ist.

As you know we are big fans of good surfing photography at whudat. That’s why it happens a lot that we browse the world wide web the whole night to find classy surfing pics to share them wtih you. Recently we had another night session and stumpled upon the website of Canvas Wave. The guys behind the website collect the best of the best of action sports photography from around the world and sell them as canvas prints and murals through their website. Apart from snowboard, skate and mountain photography the Canvas Wave sets a clear focus on surf photography. Jared Prince from Canvas has picked 15 of his favourite surfing shots exclusively for whudat. Take  a look and let us know what’s your favourite one.

Land Before Time

Land Before Time: Sunsets over volcanoes, tropical forests, bizarre colored snakes that swim through
the water and insects bigger than appendages. All of this sets the scene for a reeling left hander that has
broken for eternity over the same stretch of beach since before we had invented time. Photo by Matthew


A Surfer's Dream

A Surfer’s Dream: Cold, foggy and hollow; this mid-morning session was truly special. Although the
water wasn’t warm and the air was dark and wet, every wave was pitching dry tubes. Photo by Paul Greene


Break Free

Break Free: This is Pipeline on the inside bowl. During contests a lot of waves go unridden, making it
one of the best times to take empty wave shots. Photo by Brent Beilmann


Churches: Sunset surf on the California coast. Photo by Bryce Johnson


Corduroy: Set after set rolls in at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Photo by Jeremiah Klein


Giants: „I will never forget these waves galloping like a herd of horses trying to reach the coast, the
blizzard was so heavy that I could only shoot this picture from inside a van with an open door, a really
remarkable moment in my life.“ Photo by Elmo Hernandez


Golden Glow: The beauty of a 3 inch wave often goes unnoticed, but not here. Photo by Deb Morris


Lincoln’s Bench: The surfer’s cornucopia. This image was taken on the eve of Thanksgiving; gray
skies, howling winds, and a steady rainfall that lasted well into darkness kept all but the die hard out of
the water. Delicious treats on their minds and the pressures of having a bountiful meal the next day
occupied most people’s minds, but for the few that made the paddle into New York’s steel gray lineups,
it was visions like these that replayed as their turkeys were carved. Photo by Matthew Clark


Lines of Gold: Taken from atop a high cliff in Peru above one of the longest left points on the planet. Photo by Tim McCaig


Morning Light: Sunrise from deep in the barrel of a Hawaiian wave. Photo by Bryce Johnson


Sedated: Taken underneath the surface at Backdoor. This iconic surf photo gives you a perspective of
how many tons of water is moving to create a wave. Photo by Brent Beilmann


Storm Clouds: A lone girl duck dives under a cloud of whitewater next to „The Rock“, a local spot on
the Big Island of Hawaii. Photo by Sarah Lee


T-Rex: New York, USA. Site and image of the Quiksilver Pro New York 2011 surf contest. The first
and only ASP World Tour stop on the East Coast. The largest prize purse in surfing history and first to
break the $1,000,000.00 mark. Come and gone, the image still remains an icon of the blossoming New
York surf culture. Photo by Matthew Clark


Winter Sunset: The last rays of sunlight slip between the front line of buildings on the Salinas beach,
Asturias. Photo by Jaider Lozano


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  1. susej sagt:

    traumhafte shots…

  2. Oliver sagt:

    Danke für das Feedback SUSEJ! Wir sind auch ganz große Fans. Vg Olli

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