Street Artists Fintan Magee & Guido Van Helten mit Kollabo-Mural in Tehran

Zwei echte Schwergewichte aus dem internationalen Street Art-Kosmos haben sich jüngst für ein gemeinsames Mural in Tehran zusammengefunden. Die Rede ist hier von Fintan Magee & Guido Van Helten, deren Schaffen wir bekanntlich schon seit einigen Jahren sehr aufmerksam verfolgen. Zum Thema ihres Murals in der iranischen Hauptstadt machten die beiden Künstler, die Herstellung persischer Teppiche. Ganz bewusst setzten Fintan Magee & Guido Van Helten hier einen Kontrast zu anderen Mural-Artworks der Stadt, welche in der Regel eher politisch geprägt sind, mit dem Portraitieren ganz alltäglicher Arbeiter. Direkt hier unten lassen sich ein paar Impressionen besagten Artworks aus dem Norden Tehrans in Augenschein nehmen. Guckt doch mal:

In mid November Guido Van Helten and myself travelled to Iran. This was the first time foreign artists had been commissioned to paint a work in the country. The work was commissioned by the Australian embassy in Iran to celebrate its 50th year of operation. We explored Persian carpet making, it’s distribution and symbolic place within Persian culture from both an outsider perspective and within. Travelling to the city of Kashan we documented the process of carpet making and from within the Tehran central bazaar we further explored this process. Mural artwork in Tehran has been prolific since the revolution of 1979. Many of the murals in the city address political themes and are often propagandistic. Portraits of fallen martyrs, images from the Iran-Iraq war and portraits of political leaders are common place. Our aim was to subvert some of these traditions and focus on painting a large work of an everyday working person. At a time when sanctions are again affecting the counties economy we wanted to focus on the people who are the real victims of decisive foreign policy. People who put there heads down and continue to work regardless, realising that life goes on in this hospitable, welcoming and ancient culture. Painted in Northern Tehran with the Australian Embassy Iran with thanks to Hamish and Hannah, our talented assistant Irani Hashem and our project coordinator Morteza. – Fintan Magee

[via Fintan Magee]


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