Radio Juicy presents: Joe Corfield – „Patterns“ // Full Streams

Den UK-Beatsmith Joe Corfield haben wir schon seit dem Juni 2017 auf dem Schirm, jetzt gibt es endlich Neues: hier ist „Patterns“. Warum Patterns? Na darum:

„The album is all about Patterns, otherwise known as the details that creates reality, after all everything is just formed of tinier things repeating themselves. But this expands also over the chemical nature of the universe, we’re talking occurring events as odd or mundane as they are and also behavior of all living things. Basically everything can be observed to follow certain patterns. In this case music, but not only the music itself, the industry, the musicians and listeners all follow their own patterns that blend together. We’re all part of this incredible web connecting us all.“

Vinyl-Sammler können für 15€ hier zuschlagen, reinhören kann man jedenfalls schon einmal hier:

Joe Corfield – „Patterns“ // Bandcamp Stream:

Joe Corfield – „Patterns“ // Spotify Stream:


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