Public Displays of Affection by Olivia Steele (10 Pictures)

Tolles Projekt von Olivia Steele, die anlässlich der Frieze Art Fair Neonleuchten in ganz London aufgehängt hat, welche aus intimen Statements bestehen. Sie selbst nennt das Ganze „Public Displays of Affection“. Kann man so stehen lassen.

„For anyone who’s ever experienced the highs and lows of being in love, you’ll appreciate these neon sculptures by Olivia Steele. The London and Berlin-based artist creates intimate statements that evoke an emotional response. For last year’s Frieze Art Fair, she placed her neon signs in public spaces all around London in an exhibition she appropriately called Public Displays of Affection. As she writes on her website, „From an East London lingerie shop to a historical religious landmark, over the Mile End foot bridge and above ordinarily dingy public toilets, her artworks have become beacons spanning the city – a yellow brick road of illuminating lyrical sculpture.“




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