‘Organics’ – Street Artist Emmanuel Jarus mit neuem Mural in Mumbai // Indien

Das durchweg dope Schaffen des kanadischen Street Artists Emmanuel Jarus aka Young Jarus verfolgen wir bereits seit einigen Jahren (Features). Nach etwas längerer Abstinenz können wir heute mal wieder ein brandneues Priece des talentierten Künstlers an dieser Stelle präsentieren. Im indischen Mumbai fertigte der gute Mann jüngst ein farbgewaltig daherkommendes Piece namens ‘Organics’. Ein paar Impressionen dieses grandiosen Stücks Wallart aus dem Stadtteil Mahim East lassen sich direkt hier unten finden. Just have a look + Enjoy:

Matter in the universe is neither created nor destroyed. This means that the atoms comprising each of our bodies have existed since the perceivable beginning of time. Pushing further, one might also posit that the fleeting nature of our atoms’ momentary configuration diminishes the importance of the barrier created to house one’s “self”. Art boasts the profound power to remind us of this astounding possibility. It can place the viewer in another’s shoes, reminding the world that we are all one. Such is the intention of “Organics”, a recent mural by Canadian street artist Emmanuel Jarus (commonly known as Young Jarus) in Mahim East, a neighborhood of Mumbai, India. Made in the image of the community it calls home, “Organics” gently reminds the citizens of Mahim East that they too are part of a larger whole, in the microcosm of their bustling home.

[via SAUS]


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