New Yorkers Web Series – John Youngaitis // Mentoria Hutchinson // Kellam Clark (3 Clips)

Es geht weiter mit der New Yorkers-Webserie, drei neue Episoden: wir haben John Youngaitis, einen Präperator aus Queens. Falls Ihr mit dem Begriff „Präperator“ nicht direkt etwas anfangen könnt – der Mann restauriert tote Tiere, ein Handwerk, welches er bereits in jungen Jahren von seinem Vater in dessen Shop in East New York erlernte. Dann ein wirklich echtes New Yorker Original: Mentoria Hutchinson, eine Verkehrspolizistin, die in Ausübung ihres Jobs zwei Mal angefahren wurde und seither lieber tanzen geht. Und schließlich lernen wir Kellam Clark kennen, ein Inneneinrichter und Künstler, der viele interessante Dinge aus seinem bisherigen Leben erzählt. Nach wie vor – schöne Serie:

NYorkers // John Youngaitis


„John Youngaitis is New York’s only working taxidermist. He learned the craft as a young child in his father’s shop located in East New York. When gang members started using the stuffed animals in the window for target practice, he knew it was time to leave. Take a look at his new storefront in Middle Village, Queens.“

NYorkers // Mentoria Hutchinson


„In The New Yorkers’ first collaboration with The New York Times, we were lucky enough to meet-up with a New York original. Mentoria Hutchinson has been working as a traffic enforcement officer in New York City since 1980. After being hit by a vehicle for the second time during her tenure, Mentoria knew she needed to find a way to stand out in traffic. She’s been dancing ever since.“

NYorkers // Kellam Clark


„One rainy evening, we took a ride with Kellam Clark, an interior designer and artist who lives and works in a warehouse in Crown Heights. While we rode around visiting some of his pieces, he recounted stories about his neighborhood, his career, and his life. He’s turned a warehouse into a workshop/studio/apartment complex, built doors out of reclaimed wood from dumpsters, and cohorted with the prostitutes that used to populate his block. Not to mention the occasional lawsuit from a client who didn’t feel like paying for his work.“


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