„Kabangu“ – The OG Hip-Hop Grandpas of Nairobi by Osborne Macharia

Ein herrliches Projekt bringt der Fotograf Osborne Macharia derzeit mit „Kabangu“ an den Start. Dabei handelt es sich um eine fiktive OG Hip-Hop-Crew aus Nairobi, bestehend aus 4 Herren in gesegnetem Alter. Hier die kurze Story zu „Kabangu“: „Watchmen by night, hip hop heads by day. This is the story of 4 gentlemen in the heart of Kariobangi (one of Nairobi’s informal settlements) who call themselves Kabangu. A group of real hip hop heads from the 80’s who meet up regularly to educate and mentor upcoming young talent venturing out into the hip hop industry. They teach them on values such as peace, equality, prosperity and social justice. Little is known about them till now….“ Leider werden wir uns auch in Zukunft weder an Sounds und Raps, noch am Knowledge dieser dopen OG-Grandpas erfreuen dürfen, da diese tatsächlich nur dem Geiste von Osborne Macharia sowie seiner Stylisten Kevin Ambra, Valary Mdeizi und Richard Kinyua entsprangen. Ziemlich schade…

Osborne Macharia, whose origin story as an artist is that he stumbled into photography after failing a course in his architecture major at university, has just dropped a new set of photos that confirm his status as one of the most interesting contemporary photographers working. Without didacticism or pretension, in fact with lots of wit and smart humor, his work challenges preconceptions about Africa, blackness, gender, the body, and the process of making culture itself. His latest project, Kabangu centers on four aged security guards who were (and are) hip-hop heads who live in Kariobangi, a settlement in Nairobi.

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