Iman Magnetic – “Back To Square One” // Full Beattape Stream

Back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore, But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again. Hier kommt mal wieder etwas für all die HipHop-Connaisseure, für all die hängengebliebenen 90ies Golden Era Fans, für die … na gut, für die Alten. Erinnert sich noch einer an Square One? Iman Magnetic war der Producer, der jetzt ein Beattape zusammengestellt hat, welches sehr stark an Patty Astor, Keith Haring, Manuel Gerullis, Pete Rock, den Wu Tang Clan oder Rasul Allah erinnert. Some BackInTheDays-Boombap-Shit for your ass – Press Play!

“There are only a few stories of legends that came back to life. We’re proud and happy to announce that we brought back the producer Iman Magnetic from the legendary 90’s hip hop group Square One! Iman’s beats are a breathtaking timewarp into the history of hip hop and will remember you of the times when this cultural movement first started.”

Iman Magnetic – “Back To Square One”


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