Here Comes The Neighbourhood (HCTN) VOL 1.4 „INTERCAMBIO“ (Clip) plus Team MADE at Art Basel Miami

Part 4 der HCTN-Serie, in welcher auch diesmal Streetartist aus aller Welt gefeatured werden. Unter anderem gibt es Vhils (der Typ, der die Artworks in die Wände sprengt), die Dokumentarfilmerin/Fotografin Martha Cooper oder Neuzz, Saner & Sego aus Mexico zu sehen. Darunter noch Special Footage: das MADE-Team ist nämlich auch gerade auf der Art Basel in Miami – bei den Wynwood Walls:

„In this Episode of Here Comes The Neighborhood, a cast of young up-and-coming international artists are in the spotlight for their contributions to the Wynwood Walls and the district at large. Curatorial Advisor Medvin Sobio of the Visual Arts Collective Viejas Del Mercado, 33third Los Angeles and Mid City Arts expresses the importance of a cultural exchange and building a platform for communication and reconciliation through Public Art. Art’s Manager Meghan Coleman explains the narratives behind the work from some of this year’s Artists, while Photographer Martha Cooper shares her unique perspective, having seen the graffiti and street art movement expand in the 1970’s from the New York City train yards to its state today as one of the largest art movements in the world.“



Special Footage: Team MADE at Art Basel Miami – Episode 1: Wynwood Walls


„Team MADE spent the first day of our trip to Art Basel Miami Beach at in the Wynwood area, a unique outdoor art district where street artists from all over the world come together and create. We met the founders of the Wynwood Walls as well as some of the artists involved in the project.“


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