Chillhop Winter Essentials 2018 Compilation (ft. Philanthrope, Melodiesinfonie, Juan Rios, Toonorth, Ian Ewing, Harris Cole, Invention, Smoke Trees, Aso + more)

Deutlich zu spät habe ich Euch die Autumn Compilations hier vorgestellt, dafür gibt’s die Winter-Ausgabe jetzt aber pünktlich: hier sind die “Chillhop Essentials – Winter 2018”, eine entspannte Runde Beats für Eure Feiertage. Die Produktionen kommen von Philanthrope x Yasper, Melodiesoinfonie+, Blue Wednesday, Juan RIOS, Toonorth, Ben Bada Boom, fantompower, Ian Ewing, Mommy, Nokiaa x Dontcry, Ruck P, TESK, Osvaldo, Louk x Yasper, Strehlow, Momma, Sofasound, Harris Cole, Hanz, Sleepy Fish, Sad Toi, Invention, Smoke Trees, Ales, Leavv und Aso.

“Once again we return with the last of our essentials compilation series for 2018. As this year draws to a close and we reflect on what has been an amazing 12 months for all those involved in the label, what better soundtrack for this time of grateful introspection than this release. During winter we often contemplate the hours, days and months in which we have experienced changes this past year, in both the seasons and our lives themselves. This 26 track journey through the warmest of sounds is bound to keep you warm throughout the coming weeks whatever the temperature of your surroundings; Come and chill with us.”

Chillhop Essentials – Winter 2018 // Bandcamp Stream:

Chillhop Essentials – Winter 2018 // Spotify Stream:


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