Art History Icons Turned into Modern People in Urban Surroundings by Japanese Designer Shusaku Takaoka

Den Instagram-Account des Tages beschert uns der Grafik-Designer Shusaku Takaoka. In sehr unterhaltsamen digitalen Kollagen, haucht der kreative Dude aus Japan, bekannten Ikonen aus der klassischen Kunstwelt wie Mona Lisa, Van Gogh oder Vermeer’s „Mädchen mit dem Perlenohrgehänge“, frisches urbanes Leben ein. Und das funktioniert tatsächlich richtig gut. Gerade das Konterfeis des niederländischen Malers Vincent van Gogh fügt sich absolut perfekt in die urbanen Hipster-Settings, welche Takaoka für seine ikonischen Protagonisten auserkoren hat. Sollet Ihr gesehen haben – Art History meets Pop Culture:

What if the Mona Lisa got tired of her old silk robes and decided to trade them in for a trendy jumpsuit? That’s exactly the kind of scenario Japanese graphic designer Shusaku Takaoka specialises in bringing to life, and he does it with pure wit. Takaoka is an expert at turning history into hipster. His works hilariously transform some of the classical art world’s most iconic faces into modern city slickers, and we actually wouldn’t be surprised if we saw any of these made-over canvas characters chilling on the subway, or strutting the latest trends on Broadway. But Takaoka didn’t stop there – he’s also reimagined them as movie stars, magazine covers, and even baristas. These photo mashups could be meant to make a statement on the influence of antiquity on modern society – or they might just be totally for fun.

If Art History Icons Were Hipsters


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