‘Above’ – Street Artist Cobre fertigt gigantisches Greta Thunberg-Mural in San Francisco

Der argentinische Street Artist Andrés Petroselli aka Cobre weilte jüngst unter der Sonne Kaliforniens: In Kooperation mit der Initiative One Atmosphere fertigte der gute Mann soeben ein gigantisches Portrait-Mural zu Ehren der jungen Klima-Aktivistin Greta Thunberg in San Francisco. Zu finden ist besagtes Piece seit neustem an der Kreuzung Mason Street 500 un Union Square in der Cali-Metropole. Zu seinem Above betitelten Werk ließ der Künstler selbst verlauten:

Well this is the final result, my mural of Greta Thunberg. I want to say this is not a political issue, this is a human issue. It doesn’t matter what you think about her, this mural is to amplified her message, climate change is real, if we don’t do anything today, there is no future for our children. This was a pretty peculiar project, If I could decide what to paint It wouldn’t be this but it wasn’t my call, One Atmosphere asked it in exchange for the paints and the wall, I donated my time cos I really like Greta and her mission, again, this is not politics. I used about 80 eco friendly spray paints with a minimum impact, the rest of the paint is hand rolled on the wall, about 5 galons, to minimize my foot print I walked almost everyday to the wall, and the rest of days I used an electrical car, the empty cans r going to be used on a sculpture about climate change, the mural is located at mason st 500, union square San Francisco, big thanks to the native sons and everybody who made this possible …Peace – Andrés Petroselli aka Cobre

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