The Driving Dogs from New Zealand – Ginny, Monty & Porter (7 Pictures + Clips)


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„Hi I’m Porter. I’m a Beardie Cross. I’m 10 months old and I’m a boy. I drive cars too. Before coming to SPCA Auckland in May, I used to roam the streets of Mangere East on foot, but I prefer to drive these days. I have what you might call an adventurous nature, so I need someone who can keep me in check, otherwise I’m likely to get up to mischief. That’s what they say anyway. When I’m not out cruising, I love playing with kids and chasing cats, which I’m still a little uncertain on. I can’t decide if they’re for chasing or befriending. I’m leaning towards chasing, just FYI.“

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2 Antworten zu “The Driving Dogs from New Zealand – Ginny, Monty & Porter (7 Pictures + Clips)”

  1. […] No, this is not a joke and you are free to feel awkward if you don’t have a drivers licence yet.Watch all the pictures plus 3 clips of the driving dogs here. You got to check these too!Loading… var addedComment = function(response) { […]

  2. Chris sagt:

    Die 3 sind ja genial :-) Liebe Grüße & schönes Weihnachtsfest!


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